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Client Testimonials

What has always stuck out to me most about Emily is how she makes her clients look like the most beautiful version of themselves. For someone like me to truly trust a makeup artist means knowing that they don't have their own agenda and are really looking to understand my style and preferences. Emily has a gift for reading her clients and making them feel comfortable. When I got married she was the obvious choice - no better day to truly feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. It is no secret that Emily is also a ton of fun to be around (added bonus) - she has a positive outlook and you can see how grateful she is for getting to do what she loves everyday. It's pretty special having a front row seat to see her talent in action. You'll love her and she'll love you (and your crazy family too when they're in tow). Emily for president.

Christina Musso

Emily's makeup is perfection. I've been working with her for six years, throughout multiple book tours, for events, and when I need photos taken. She's always my first call-without Emily, the show will not go on. You'll look and feel like the best version of yourself, I promise!

Bestselling Author, Emily Liebert

Most women are familiar with the transformative power of make-up and most of us want to avoid the 'made-up face' for a more 'natural face'; a visage that is easier said than done. What makes Emily's talent so superb is her affection for the 'natural' look. Your face; your beauty accentuated in subtle ways that bring out the best in you from the inside out. And guess what? The look is not only yours but yours to own; as she is generous with her advice, her technique and her recommendations. Emily's talented technique results in a look best described as 'you, but better.

Geena Clonan

Stop looking and hire Emily! She is a brilliant make-up artist who will miraculously make your skin glow like you're 16 again. Emily did my makeup for my wedding day, and I'm forever grateful a friend gave me her name. Not only is she fun to be around, but she has the most contagious positive energy. Most importantly, she listens to you and respects the vision you want. Her makeup compliments and highlights your natural beauty so that you feel comfortable, beautiful and like yourself. I wish I could hire Emily to be my daily glam squad, but until then, I'll keep dreaming of those days and try to copy her tutorials!

Liz Bechtold

Emily is fantastic! I hired her for makeup on my son's bar mitzvah and she did an incredible job! She created a flawless natural look for me, but was also able to do a more dramatic look for another family member. She is incredibly friendly, organized and professional making sure everyone looked their best while still getting out the door in time for photos. I highly recommend her to anyone that asks and can't wait for the opportunity to work with her again!

Gabrielle Schickler

After seeing Emily transform many of my friends on their special days, I was adamant that my daughter and I get a touch of her special magic for my daughter's bat mitzvah. We were not disappointed, Emily's artistry and spirit made both my daughter and me glow inside and out so that we looked and felt like the best version of ourselves.

Amy Gare

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